A Great View, A Great Man, & An Angry Flower

What is the connection between a former Premier of Alberta and Bob the Angry Flower? Answer: Grant Notley.

On Tuesday I visited Grant Notley Park and, after a little bit of Googling, discovered an obscure convergence of dissimilar siblings. Grant Notley was a prominent politician in Alberta and he had three children. One, Rachelbecame the Premier of Alberta. Another, Stephen, became the cartoonist who created Bob the Angry Flower. I couldn’t help but wonder how these siblings chose such different career paths.

The park that has been developed in Grant Notley’s name has a wonderful view of the river valley and the nearby golf course. It also has lots of benches on which to sit and enjoy that view.

The park includes a pyramidal monument to those who have died in their workplace, and a recognition of the broken families left behind. It reminded me of a conversation I once had with a friend who reflected on how often workplace accidents involve young people.

Based on what little I know of his legacy, Grant Notley would have approved of this memorial being in his park. He was dedicated to reducing inequality, alleviating the suffering of the poor, and diversifying the economy. He died prematurely in a plane crash, at age 45.

The park has a gazebo that provides the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony or picture-taking. If you are looking for a photogenic location watched over by a renowned man of the people, you can rent this place for $37.45 an hour.

Mostly, though, this park is worth a visit for the lovely wide vista in the heart of the city.



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