One Colourful Block on 124th Street

My oldest son treated me to lunch on Friday and afterward, we went for a short walk on 124th Street between 108th and 107th Avenues.  It was a surprise and a treat to realize how many murals there are in that area.

I always love seeing the variety of street art in Edmonton. The ingenuity and talent of the artists create varied and colourful delights. If you go to see these murals on 124th Street, you can also enjoy excellent food at the Tiramisu Bistro.




      1. Did I read that correctly? A goat cheese panini? I discovered goat cheese about 2 years ago and I am intensely in love with every dish containing the delicious morsels of cheese that I find. You must have been in heaven!
        The murals are all so well done, a joy to behold. Edmonton is to be commended for encouraging the street art!

        1. You did read that correctly. My mouth was celebrating from the first bite. Even the salad that came with it was amazing. You must come to Edmonton and I’ll take you there, Mary Beth.

  1. Yes they are beautiful. I especially like the outside cafe, and the snake among the strawberries.

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