Out and About

Now that the wind is blowing the wildfire smoke away from Edmonton, I have at last been able to get out of the house. Here are some of the things I have seen in the last couple of days.

Mural at Coliseum LRT station. Artist unknown.
Mural at Coliseum LRT station. Artist unknown.
Mural at Kingsway Mall by Diego Loza
Mural in progress at Kingsway Mall by AJA Louden
Painted bikes with flowers outside a house in Parkdale


  1. That mural at Kingsway is amaaazing!!
    I love it when people repurpose old bikes and use them as art. There are a couple houses on a street near me with such displays and I just think it looks so cool.
    Did you enjoy the storm yesterday? I can actually see clear, blue sky ❤

            1. I just remembered that rental bikes are called Lime and coloured lime green, so I may rethink that. The bikes I photographed are out year round with new flowers every spring.

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