When I first got out of bed this morning, I opened the curtains to see that the sun was a strange colour and the sky was an orangey-grey. Then I opened the door and the smell of smoke was startling. This is what I saw at 7:15 AM:

I don’t know how many fires are burning in northern Alberta, but there are many. provides a current-and-future smoke map based on computer projections. This is what it looks like now:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 7.34.27 AM
Current smoke in Alberta from

And this is what is forecast for tomorrow afternoon:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 7.50.25 AM
Forecast from

I had been planning to go to the city centre today for lunch, but now I think I’ll stay home instead.

Edit: Two hours since I took the picture at the top, the view from my front door now looks like this:

And, at 11:15 AM it looks like this:

At 11:45 the view outside and the view from inside:





  1. It’s scary! That’s about how dark it was here in the North part too. Cars are driving with their lights on…I feel like we’re in End Days or something. How is your breathing? I usually don’t have any problems but my throat is starting to get scratchy. I’m going to have to shut my door. I feel so bad for those people who are leaving and losing their homes 😦 I think this may be our new normal.

    1. It really is a bit scary. It was really dark about half and hour ago, so much so that my neighbour’s automatic porch light came on. It seems to be getting lighter now.

      I don’t have allergies and I’m staying indoors, so I’m ok health-wise.

      I feel for all the people who are being evacuated. I haven’t heard about homes being lost. Which towns are affected?

      It may be a new normal, but nothing changes with the climate deniers. I just engaged in a fruitless discussion with one of them on twitter. Waste of time.

      1. I feel so frustrated with those deniers too. I dont know what would make them see…

        I think Puddle Prairie was affected and north near Slave Lake…and High Level…New ones keep popping up.

  2. That must be nerve wracking. My brother lives in Oz and every now and then he has issues with fires.
    And I thought we had a hard time when my F&%$#$ neighbour lights one of his street-choking bonfires.

    1. The wind has changed direction today, so I think it might be safer to go outside. Last night, before I went to bed, the Air Quality Index was 60 (on a scale of 1 to 10)! This morning it is 3.

      1. Gives one some idea what it must have been like living in the smog of London back in the day, or even certain cities in present day China so I’ve read.

    1. It really was. And I was hundreds of miles away from the nearest fire. We have had rain today but I don’t know how much reached the fires. I know some are now considered under control.

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