Canadian Content on the Happy Wall

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Happy Wall that is hiding some construction work in front of Edmonton’s City Hall. I had first seen it being used by a couple celebrating their engagement, and then my son and I saw an incomplete message that made us wonder whether or not the end was nigh.

Since then, Jamie and I have written “HAVE A GREAT DAY!” on the wall and yesterday we were going to write “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” at the request of my niece, Sally. Well, we didn’t get to write our message because the wall was being put to very good use by lots of other people.

First, we saw a woman with a child and they together created a very nice heart. At the same time, three young men were writing the word “MAPLE” on the wall.  When I saw them taking a picture of it, I asked why they wrote it. They explained that they were foreign exchange students and had been tasked with various objectives, one of which was to write something that represented Canada on the Happy Wall. Then they went off to do the next thing on their list.

Not long after, a couple who were from the same group wrote the word “MOOSE” on the wall. Then, then came over to where Jamie and I were sitting and asked us what a moose was! They must have been given that word suggestion by a local person. We explained that is was a large animal that you should back away from if you see one.

Shortly after, two more young people came to the wall and the young woman asked us for a suggestion for a word that represented Canada. After humming and hawing for a bit, Jamie suggested “HOCKEY” and that is what they wrote.

This wall is becoming one of my favourite things to check out whenever I am in the city. I hope that they don’t take it away when all the construction is complete.

Sally, I’m sorry I didn’t write your message. Maybe next time.




  1. What an uplifting post! A happy wall – what a great idea. I live just north of Detroit, MI and I think the city could use a happy wall. Hey, I wouldn’t mind having one in my house!

  2. No Worries!! Do it only if it’s fun for you. 🙂 PS Running tight schedule for work this morning…but I always tend to slip in your blog! Always worth the few minutes of the extra rush to get out of the door.

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