Cold Lake, Warm Hearts

I spent a wonderful long weekend with my daughter-in-law’s family and I was made to feel very welcome. They gave us lots of marvelous meals, we played a fun card game called Fruit Salad, and we were given a grand tour of their city. The pictures that follow are some of those I took on the tour.

The city is called Cold Lake and that name was chosen only because they weren’t allowed to call it Friggin’ Freezing Lake. The water in Cold Lake is so cold that the family competes to see who can stand in it the longest. I survived less than a minute.

Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake is an important part of the city and the base employs and supports about a third of its population.

It is a lovely place surrounded by farmland and boreal forests, about 300 km northeast of Edmonton. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit.

The Cold Lake Challenge: Who can stand in the water the longest
Cold Lake is huge!
Cold Lake Marina
The pier at the Cold Lake Marina
Restaurant in the Clarks General Store building
CF-18 Hornet and CT-133 Silver Star at CFB Cold Lake
CT-133 Silver Star at CFB Cold Lake
CFB Cold Lake



  1. Ok, I love playing cards with extended family. You will have to tell me how to play Fruit Salad. It’s not a game I am familiar with. (

  2. I love your name of the lake: Friggin’ Freezing Lake! That’s how I’m gonna remember it.
    Also, so cool when our children’s in-laws are welcoming.
    I got to keep my in-laws I could have lost to divorce. I still feel honored when they include me in their life events.

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