You Can Never Make Just One Trip to Ikea

Ask anyone and they will agree that you can never make just one trip to Ikea.

I am currently in the “dammit” stage and postponing my next Ikea trip. It all started when my daughter-in-law said she wanted to take down two sets of old vertical blinds that no longer worked properly. The swivels-on-sticks didn’t swivel anymore and it had become impossible to open and close the blinds.

+ZUvrCEeT4aA%T8zxhzvTgI offered to help find drapes to replace them and she chose very nice drapes and sheers online. They arrived last week and we agreed to put them up at the weekend. I then went about finding rods and brackets and decided they were all overpriced. It made a lot more sense to use the more affordable curtain rods available at Ikea and so I went there a few days ago to get them.

Ikea, as you know, is always located at least a half-an-hour from your home. It is also, always, a long walk through the maze of departments to get to the one you want, so you have to allow at least an hour to get through the store. I was OK with that because I’m pretty good at putting on imaginary blinders to block my peripheral vision. I can focus on only the arrows on the floors and the overhead direction signs. Well, mostly. I did take a detour through the kitchen stuff, but that’s normal, right?

When I got to the Textiles department, I easily found the rods and brackets and bought what I thought we needed; two rods, six brackets, and four end caps. Some of you are already realizing what I forgot.

fullsizeoutput_134bYesterday my son and daughter-in-law set about taking down the old blinds and installing the new drapes, and I did what moms are supposed to do. I wandered in and out offering suggestions that nobody actually needed. It was only after the first set of brackets were installed, the drapes were on the rod, and the rod was on the brackets that we realized my mistake. I had not bought the additional rod and holders for the sheers. Dammit.

By this time, it was late afternoon on Saturday and, when I checked with Google, the Popular Times bar chart said that Ikea was as busy as it ever gets, so I decided not to go. I figured Sunday would be just as bad, so the plan is for me to go on Monday. There are only so many families I can work my way around as I stride, single-mindedly, towards the rod holders, and I’m going to go when there are fewer people looking at Vidgas and Betydligs.

It feels like I’m heading into battle, but I can do this. And, since I’m going anyway, let me know if you need anything because I’m not going back again any time soon.


  1. You can do it Anne. I have faith in you and your blinders! Loved this!

    Mary Beth

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  2. I’ve never heard of Vidgas and Betydligs. After googling it appears they’re Ikea specific, and I’ve only been to one Ikea about 20 years ago in CA someplace on hwy 101 between SJ and SF. I remember not loving the fact that you had to take the path they set out for you to take..but as far as pausing in the Kitchen area goes, I expect that’s mandatory.

    1. As far as I can recall, their products have always had Swedish names and often I find them hard to pronounce. I once bought a lamp at that Ikea you mention and then I found that it only took Ikea bulbs. Regular bulbs wouldn’t fit. After driving out there again to buy bulbs I decided I didn’t like the lamp well enough to do it again!

      I don’t mind following the path (or the shortcuts) through the store, but the walk has gotten a lot longer over the years. If my mind is not in the right mood, I might get cranky about it.

  3. I call Ikea the “Motherland” because my mother’s side of the family is Swedish. For me, Ikea is a comfort and joy, ha ha , but I feel ya. I do feel ya! It’s a whole lot of other things too!

  4. My husband and I strategize our shopping trips for the weekdays, to avoid the weekend madness. We went to our local garden nursery on Monday and it was busy with folks our age. The staff did say they were swamped on the weekend.

    My daughter likes to go to Ikea every now and then, and I am a willing passenger. My daughter has the place figured out; I just follow her as it’s quite mind boggling to me. I like to wander through the kitchen gadgets too.

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