Sticky Spring Snow

I woke up today to see snow outside my window. This late-April snow is wet and sticky. That is to say, it holds to the sides of trees, fences, bird boxes, and anywhere the wind blows it. Here are a few pictures that were taken in my front and back yards. That’s as far as I chose to venture today!

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  1. Isn’t it hilarious? I went out with the dogs this morning- well dog, Mooshy decided not to go out- and walked out into a blizzard! The snow was blowing straight at me and it felt like I was in the Arctic! The grass is sure going to green up nicely once it all melts ❤

    1. It is probably good for the grass, but oh dear. All this white ground and grey sky is not encouraging me to start spring gardening. I guess that’s why we wait until after the May long weekend.

      1. Yeppers. I feel for the people who didn’t believe that date. I had so many plans…awe well. Back to reading and being a hermit for a bit!

  2. Ewww! Not your photos, of course, but the snow. 🙂 Hope it has melted by now and that little flowers are popping out of the ground to greet you.

      1. Yes, they will return! A few are popping up here already in the tundra, so I have hope they will soon reach you too.

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