Going Back to the Future is Painless

At some point today I crossed the imaginary line that separates Pacific Time from Mountain Time, and in doing so I was suddenly one hour in the future. There is no sign that tells you when this happens, but I think there ought to be one. My phone knew about our journey through the time machine before I did. It was so sudden, I didn’t feel a thing!

Mountains at a truck stop in Wells Nevada

I set out this morning from Winnemucca, Nevada at 7:30 and I just checked into a motel in Idaho Falls at 4:15 local time, which was 3:15 on my watch. So it has been almost an eight-hour day on the road.

This sign seemed completely out of place in wide open, peaceful, Wells Nevada

I had downloaded a few music albums yesterday but was unable to download another book because the wi-fi at that motel was just too slow. So, today I listened to the music from Come From Away which I thoroughly enjoy and know almost well enough to sing along with. I also heard a couple of tracks from The Greatest Showman but it was too relentlessly “shouty” to listen to the whole thing.

View of Interstate 86 in the Clearwater area of Idaho. If you look closely you can see lots of windmills.

It was no great hardship to switch from that to listening to more of The Antidote, which continues to make me think and sometimes laugh out loud. Today I learned about the author’s ventures into Stoicism, Buddhist meditation, and business goal-setting. He keeps learning more about paths to happiness, and they all have something interesting in common. I’m not going to tell you what it is, though. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone.

Clearwater area of Idaho

At some point while listening to that book, I managed to miss my turning from Interstate 84 to Interstate 86. It is more of a bend in the road than an actual turn, but the road changes its number half way between Twin Falls and Pocatello. At exactly that point, there is a massive construction project going on, probably to build an overpass.  Anyway, I managed to miss the turn snaking between orange bollards and large earth-moving equipment, and I ended up going a long way on the wrong road before I could turn around. I was in good company, though, because there was a string of vehicles all doing the same thing.

Once again today the weather has been glorious and the traffic has been light. I continue to appreciate the steady reliability of truck drivers; I think that’s what I’ll be in my next life. Now that I’ve escaped the restraints of time, rebirth ought to be a breeze.


  1. So pleased to get your update today. Looks as though clear skies and open roads continue to bless you, a drivers dream. Feeling quite pleased with myself today as I was able to walk a mile, albeit with my walker, but the most I have been able to do for a long time, a really good feeling! V.

    1. I’m very happy there has been no bad weather aside from a brief shower. Today has been cloudy, which really helps because too much sun can be as troublesome as too much rain.

      I’m glad you are getting out every day. The book I am listening to has said, among other things, that we shouldn’t wait for motivation. We should just do what needs to be done! Isn’t that good advice? If you can get out every day with your walker you will have only good outcomes.

      Oh, and outside of California, there is hardly any traffic. I’m pretty sure California is where all the vehicles go to party.

  2. I like thinking of you being reborn as a trucker. My husband was one for many years and now manages a division. Maybe he can get you a job! 😉
    Your photos are beautiful. Mountains!

  3. I like knowing when I have traveled into a time change, too. I have sometimes seen signage indicating that, but as a rule it’s a tiny sign attached to a bigger road sign.
    My most frequent changes are from Central Standard Time to Mountain Standard Time. One time we traveled during a Daylight Savings Time weekend. It was all so mind boggling, in an abstract way. With no planes to catch, or deadlines to meet, it didn’t really matter what time it was declared to be at the moment.

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