6,454 Steps on Monterey Road

I promised myself that, before I left San Jose, I would get photos of a couple of murals that I normally drive past on my way to a shopping center. Today, I did that. It meant walking over a mile each way, and according to my iPhone’s step counter, I took 6,454 steps.

The murals are outside Sims Metal Management and one shows a cowboy collecting metal. The other is of two women reaching out to each other across water, with the words Rise Together. It makes me think of the many thousands of workers in San Jose who send money back to family in distant places. In doing so, they all improve their lives.

In order to take the mural photos I had to stand in the median of a six-lane road at an intersection, but I think it was worthwhile.

On my way to and from these murals, I noticed a few other things that spoke to me for various reasons–some because they appealed to my sense of humor. Enjoy.

Rise Together
Sims Metal Management
Mural artists’ signatures
These reminded me of the horse chestnuts that friends and I played with as children in England. We called them conkers.
Bank of America embossed night safe
A much more comfortable bus stop seat
Oh dear. We have come to this.
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…
These must be the inspiration for the Ents, the walking trees in Lord of the Rings.
Is it litter if they are Bibles?
Palm Fronds


  1. Anne, you have done it again! Love your photos and also am in awe of the ‘hike’ you undertook to take them.

    I had never heard of an Ent but walking trees are intriguing. I dislike such severe tree pruning. One of our neighbors does that to the street trees the City planted, sycamores I believe. These trees have powerful root systems and rather quickly upturn the sidewalks. Home owners are responsible not only for maintaining the trees but also for the sidewalks that are directly along one’s property. A tree cannot be removed unless it is deemed to be dead. A sidewalk must be repaired if there are complaints or City personnel decide it hazardous. Talk about ‘stuck in the middle’! As always the murals amaze.

    Hugs to you, Mary Beth

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. What beautiful murals — the colors seem almost fluorescent in the bright sunshine, don’t they? And those hilarious, Dr. Seuss-like trees, too. They do the same thing in France, but I have no idea why. Thank you so much for inviting us along on this charming, sunny stroll.

    • Dr Seuss! I should have thought of his trees. You are absolutely right. That was the longest walk I have been able to make since my fall last year, and it is good to know I have recovered to that extent. It felt a bit more challenging than a stroll, but if I keep walking it will get easier.

      • Yes, it will get easier! After my big fall in 2017 I feared my long walks were a thing of the past, but with careful rehab and lots of stretching I can now go for at least as long as I used to. Sometimes my back hurts at the end of the day, but nothing more back exercises and more stretching can’t fix! Hope you’ll find the same is true for you. (Well, hopefully not so much stretching and such, but certainly getting better!.)

  3. Oh my! I wanted to comment on each of your captions! How fun! But, mainly: Wowsers! You walked to a median??? You will go to great lengths for a picture! Thanks for your bravery.
    I love your theme of mural pictures. And I am glad the walking distance was successful. Here’s hoping for more of that.

    • Thank you, Lorna. I was more foolhardy than courageous, but I appreciate your goodwill. I probably should get a longer lens for my camera!

      I hope to get back to my former walking strength by walking more this summer. Maybe I’ll walk to some more murals. Hmmm.

  4. Here’s how I see it: It’s foolhardy if there’s problems. It’s courageous if it works out okay. (How’s that for rationalizing??) I would enjoy your continued theme of pictures of murals while adding up those steps on your phone.

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