Otters and Others at Elkhorn Slough

Yesterday my niece and I enjoyed a delightful tour with Elkhorn Slough Safari. We were given a very interesting journey around the slough, with informative commentary from the naturalist and the captain. If you are ever near Moss Landing, this tour is a couple of hours very well spent. You will see otters, sea lions, blue herons, and all sorts of ducks and birds.

You can kayak if you have strong arms, or take the safari and a long lens. My camera did not have a very long lens but even so, I managed to get a few good shots. Some people in kayaks were able to get closer to the birds and animals, but I think it must have been a tiring journey; one of them asked the safari captain if he could get a tow back to the harbor!

Here are some of my photos to give you a taste of this great day.

Harbor at Moss Landing
Sea lions in the harbor
Sea lions in the harbor
Cormorants on old pier posts
Raft of otters
Otter family
Otter and kayakers
Sea lions and pups sunbathing
Terns on posts
Blue Heron in flight
Blue Heron
Sea lions sunbathing
Otter with pup
Crab Pots
House finch at Phil’s Restaurant
Former antique store in Moss Landing




  1. What a marvelous day you had for this outing! I really enjoy the birds and otter. Did you get to eat at Phil’s? I love that place and enjoyed the drive several times back in my driving days.

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  2. I should say you got some WONDERFUL photos indeed! What a beautiful day to share with your niece — she really lucked out in the auntie department!

  3. Lovely post. Super photos.
    First time we visited Cape Town we went down to the harbour at dusk and saw several dark shapes among the moored boats. I thought they were divers working on the boats and only learned they were seals from a local the following morning!

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