Things In Rows

While looking through my photos I realized that I often take pictures of things in rows. I’m sure there is some deep psychological reason for this. Perhaps it is because I have a need for order, or that symmetry is visually satisfying, or maybe rows of things just beg to be photographed. I don’t know. Anyway, here are some of my pictures of things all lined up.

Quinceanera dresses, County Fairgrounds outdoor market, San Jose, CA.
Lunch tables, Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB.
Veterans Memorial, Guadalupe River Park, San Jose, CA
Farmers Market, Downtown, Edmonton, AB.
Remnants of posts from a pier, New York.
Red benches, Borden Park, Edmonton, AB.
Plant pots, Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB
Bike racks, Standford University, CA
The enormous fence around a golf range, San Jose, CA.
Cooking utensils in a cabin, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, CA.
Boards painted by children to decorate the community garden, McCauley, Edmonton, AB
Astotin Lake, Elk Island National Park, AB
Late Summer, Parkdale, Edmonton, AB
Fall, Parkdale, Edmonton, AB
Early Winter, Parkdale, Edmonton, AB
Fishers’ carts, Monterey, CA
Bas relief decorative columns, Commerce Place, Edmonton, AB
Borden Park, Edmonton, AB
Multiple Condiments, Bella’s Restaurant, Wells, Nevada.
Aprons as decoration, Bella’s Restaurant, Wells, Nevada.
Seaside cottages, Capitola, CA
Willow Street store, San Jose CA
Bubble Gum jars, Westfield Center, San Francisco, CA


  1. Excellent pictures. You have a great eye for beautiful rows. I especially like the red tables in the not too perfect row, and the red benches, and the bubble gum, and the tights, and the trees. Just all of them.

  2. What a wonderful collection. An eclectic mix if ever there was, and I love the water image with all the pole remnants and the birds. Was this part of a pier or similar?

    Some more details would make the shots a bit more interesting – for me at any rate.

  3. These are really great photos, somehow visually satisfying. However, I’m pretty sure the Titanic sailed form the other side of the Atlantic. Looked it up – from Southampton. Maybe it’s the pier it would have sailed to.

  4. Whatever the source of your inspiration for these photos, i ADORE your collection of “things in rows”! I think my favorite may be the fishers’ carts, but they’re all wonderful.

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