Instead of The Oscars

I don’t watch award shows, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. So, for those of us not watching the Academy Awards, here are a few of my photos. They don’t fit any theme or follow any particular order. They just make me feel good.

Jesus in a bucket, Edmonton, Alberta
Ha Ha by Jeff Schomberg, San Jose, California
Commerce Place, Edmonton, Alberta
City Centre Mall, Edmonton, Alberta
Early morning, Monterey Bay, California
Chilly Rainbow, Eastridge Mall, San Jose, California
Monterey, California
Pine Cones in a Planter, Edmonton, Alberta
Be The Reason, Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Those pinecones! So cool!
    My FIL stole a plastic Jesus from the thrift store. When he died, my MIL took it back to them. Anytime I see a Jesus, I laugh and laugh. Who steals Jesus?!

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