Every Picture Tells A Story If You Make It Up

I saw this a few weeks ago and immediately began to tell myself a story about what happened here. The setting is a patio adjacent to a bar and restaurant. I took the picture on a Saturday in December, and I imagined that the discarded playing cards were remnants of a game played late on a Friday night.


The game in my imagination started out as just a friendly pastime, but as the night wore on, the number of empty bottles on the table top increased, and the players became more fractious. It may have been because they started to bet on the outcome of the game. Or, it may have been because someone was accused of cheating.

Either way, one of the players ultimately lost their temper and threw the cards on the floor. They then left the gathering in a fit of pique, swearing as they went.



The person who angrily left the game called their drinking buddy the next day to apologize. It’s ok now. They are friends again. In fact, they are going to meet at the same place tonight and play another game. This time they are going to wear cowboy hats and chew tobacco.


      • I agree! When my daughter was an early teen, I started talking out loud while driving, when drivers drove poorly (in my opinion) I would say they obviously had an emergency to justify their driving. My daughter and her friend, when riding together, started making up elaborate stories about those drivers. I loved that their imaginations took off with that. This exercise also helped me be chill about other peoples’ driving. Stories work!

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