They Planted The Valley

The city of San Jose, California, was founded to supply agricultural provisions to the missions and presidios (garrisons that protected the missions) of San Francisco and Monterey.

In the Parque de Los Pobladores (Park of the Settlers) in San Jose is a monument commemorating the first settlers to the area. It is composed of four tall tiled murals, each of which tells a part of their story and is placed at a point of the compass. On the reverse side of the murals are bas-reliefs depicting the faces of unnamed individuals.

In the center is a tiled floor map showing the settlers’ migration from the Sonora Desert to San Jose. Around the map are the words “El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe” (The Town of Saint Joseph of Guadalupe) and “Fundado el 29 Noviembre en 1777” (Founded the 29th November in 1777).

It is a lovely and unusual work of art with a lot of interesting, colorful, detail. It was created by East Los Streetscapers in 1997.


  1. What a gorgeous and creative tribute to the city’s founders! Your photos show it off beautifully. Nicely done!

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