A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

When I was at the mall the other day, wandering about looking at blouses and sweaters, a woman standing nearby took a white embroidered top off the rack and we both looked at it. I said how pretty it was and she agreed.  Then, she looked at me, paused, and said “You have beautiful skin!”

“Thank you,” I said. “I thank my parents for it.” 

“You are right,” she said. “It’s all down to DNA.”

I smiled, and as I walked away I said, “You just made my day.” And, she had made my day. I get very few compliments, and those I get are tucked away in my memory bank to bring out when I feel low. This is one of those.

It reminded me of a similar compliment I received from a friend when I was staying at her house about a month ago. She said I looked as though I was glowing, and I thanked her. In that situation, though, she became very aware the next morning that my lovely skin is not only a product of my DNA. She had seen me at breakfast before I had put on my makeup. 

I shared with her the secrets of my makeup kit and we agreed that Olay CC Tinted Moisturizer and Bare Minerals Foundation do wonders for me. Even so, I stored her compliment away in my heart and I still feel a little glow when I remember it.

Compliments and appreciation don’t need to be about important things to be significant. They just need to be genuine.

Yesterday in a conversation with my sister, I was reminded that an appreciative comment from my dentist has stayed in my thoughts for several years now. After I had moved house, I went to a new dentist to continue the annual dental checkups that I had maintained throughout my adult life. 

On my first visit he said “Thank you for taking care of your teeth.” I’ve never forgotten it. In a lifetime of visiting dentists, he was the first one to actually recognize that I was doing something good for my teeth. All the others have only ever said what I was doing wrong. 

I really must make a point of recognizing more often when other people deserve some appreciation. I’ll start by letting you know how much I value you reading this blog. I check every day to see how many views my posts get and which countries my readers live in. You give me a little glow on the inside every time you read something I’ve written. 

Also, I should let Olay and Bare Minerals know that they have brought me compliments. My DNA is good, but not that good! Only they can make me glow on the outside.


  1. Oh, make no mistake … a little Olay may add a little glimmer to your skin, but that glow definitely comes from within! And yes, I really mean that. You have such a wonderful take on life, and your posts always make me smile.

  2. I didn’t tell you at the time, but I made up a wonderfully romantic scenario about the man on the street who commented on your beautiful eyes. He returns to that spot, hoping to run into you, not knowing you have left for the season. We will have to see how long he continues to show up, wishing he had asked you to join him for a spot of tea that day.
    I too, love watching my blog views after I have posted. I’m glad to know I am not alone!

  3. I absolutely enjoy reading this and happy to write this comment because from what you have written, this will make you happy. I must say I join others to admire the glow on you. You have a captivating smile in the picture. I anmire it.

  4. This post had me smiling. It’s 7:18 in the morning, and it’s beautiful to read something so positive before starting my day. Not only to I agree with you wholeheartedly about how receiving compliments when you honestly don’t get many can make you feel like you’re walking on air, but your words remind me to reach out and give compliments as well. Sometimes I feel silly doing it, like I may be overstepping some invisible boundary, especially if I say something kind to a person I don’t know, but I believe those are bonds of conditiong I’ve been raised with. If I can make someone’s day brighter, I want to. That’s just me. Thank you for reminding me that one of the simplest kindnesses can simply be what we say to people.

    • Your thought about that invisible boundary struck a chord in me. I agree that sometimes we have it in our minds not to speak to strangers, even to compliment them. I wonder why that is.

      I’m so glad this blog post has inspired you to pass on a kindness.

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