Facing Changes in the ‘Hood

In a short walk today around my neighbourhood I discovered that there are now two very large multi-family residential buildings in construction and almost completed. When they are occupied, this area will take on a very different character. 

As the new buildings go up, some of the older stores are closing down. Several small businesses and a bank that were operating last spring are now closed. 

A store that formerly was a grocery store now sells kitchen appliances, and their parking lot mural at the side of the building has changed, too. Now it has a dragon and much darker tones. In their back alley, the building has a very colourful mural that looks as if it has Aztec influence, and a blue dragon. (Blue Dragon mural by Hernandez. Other mural artists not known.)

In the same back alley, behind the dog daycare, is a mural of various kinds of dog. I don’t think many people use this alley, so these are some secret delights for walkers such as myself. (Murals by Ivan T. Gonzales @ITG3000)

The old bicycle store that caught fire a few years ago is still under renovation, but it is now surrounded by a plywood wall covered in a mural telling the story of a King Kong-type cyclops, a damsel in distress, and aliens. (Murals by @ROANVICTOR and @SEANBOYLES38TH)


  1. Goodness. You weren’t kidding about having found some new murals! These are really wonderful — each so beautiful and unique I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Thank you for sharing these wonderful discoveries.

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