Road Trip 2018 Day 4

We have arrived!  

This has been a long day, but I am glad we started out early. We left our hotel in Winnemucca at 7 AM and arrived in San Jose at 5 PM. It is a distance of about 415 miles (668 km) but it involved driving over the Sierra Nevada mountains, and today it also necessitated driving through rain. That meant the day was about two hours longer than I anticipated.

The scenery from Winnemucca to Reno was basically more of the same as the day before. Desert and sagebrush. Today, though, the view also included some very long freight trains and some salt flats. The salt flats look a lot like snow, but they aren’t. 

We had expected to see some snow at the Donner summit but it was dry. Just a few tiny innocent little flakes starting to fall.  Then we zoomed down the winding mountain road at a much less zoomy pace than most of the other drivers.

It started raining as we got to the foothills and by the time we got to the Sacramento area, it was bucketing down. We drove through the rain for a while, and we also crept along in several traffic jams, but then I decided the stress wasn’t good for me so we took time out to sit in a coffee shop and wait for the rain to stop. It didn’t stop, exactly, but it lessened enough for me to venture out again.

We amused ourselves by counting the number of cars that didn’t have their lights on and the cars that changed lanes without signalling. So much fun. 

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. We got here in one piece and we are looking forward to visiting with my family tomorrow for Thanksgiving. 

Thanks to Jamie for all the photos.


  1. Welcome back to San Jose, my friend. Unwind, enjoy family as you all gather for the American Thanksgiving, and give thanks in whatever fashion for the safe journey and the son with whom you shared it. So glad you are back.

  2. So glad you came in early enough to join the Fam for Thanksgiving! You’ve arrived, time to kick back a little and enjoy. Great Shots Jamie! It’s a wonderful and literal snapshot(s) of your journey for the rest of us to travel along.

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