Road Trip 2018 Day 3

Today we drove from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Winnemucca, Nevada, which is roughly 445 miles (716 km). This is a long unexciting section of the journey with very little to look at. The most challenging part was making sure I didn’t run out of gas during the hundreds of miles between gas stations.

As with our previous two days, we listened to podcasts and music. One of the best podcasts was from This American Life called Act V. It is about actual imprisoned murderers performing Shakespeare’s Hamlet and bringing their experience to their roles! They really added to my understanding of the challenges of each character.

We also listened to another episode of Dear Hank and John, and comedic musicians Tim Minchin and Bo Burnham. Then we started asking Siri all sorts of random questions.

Today’s scenery was mostly dry desert and sagebrush. We thought these turned into tumbleweeds and asked Siri to find out how shrubs turn into tumbleweeds. It turns out it isn’t sagebrush that does this, but Russian thistle. It is a part of their germination and seeding process. So we learned something new.  

Siri told us what was the California Trail and lots of stuff about Hamlet (like, how did Ophelia die and why was that guy hiding behind the curtain).

The weather has been clear and bright and the roads have been the same. 


  1. You are in Nevada! That’s only ONE state away. We are expecting rain in Bay Area tomorrow. That means it will most likely snow in Reno and other parts of Nevada. Check your weather map for the next leg of the journey. Safe travels!! V.

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