Road Trip 2018 Day 2

Today we drove from Shelby, Montana to Idaho Falls, Idaho which is 441 miles (710 km). The roads were bare and dry, the weather was good, and there was very little traffic. 

We listened to more episodes of The Strange Case of Starship Iris and Dear Hank and John. In addition, we listened to a fascinating episode of This American Life called I Am Not A Pirate, and some short stories from The Great Short Story Collection. One was a very funny tale about guinea pigs that were abandoned at a railway station. We also enjoyed some of the music from both our collections. All of this was taken from our iPhones and I marvel once again at the brilliance of our technology. 

The landscape today was mostly mountains and foothills and the skies were bright blue. As the sun began to set, though, we saw some amazing colors and wondered if we were seeing the effects of smoke or dust.  

By the time we got settled into our motel room, I had highway head and my vision may be permanently fixed on the middle distance. 

Here are some pictures which do not do justice to the sights and colours we saw, but you will get the idea.



    1. I’m glad you are enjoying this, Lorna. In previous years I have posted to Facebook just for family and friends but this year I’m sharing the journey with my WordPress friends. I think that a lot of the same people who connected with me on Facebook will connect here instead.

  1. Love your photos! So pleased that you are well again! Please make sure you stay that way. the weather seems to be cooperating! Lucky you!

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