Burning Man Sculptures in San Jose, CA

Recently, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the sculptures that are temporarily on display in San Jose’s city centre. They are Tara Mechani by Dana Albany and Ursa Mater by Mr and. Mrs Ferguson, and they originated at the Burning Man Festival last year. (The San Jose Mercury News has written about Tara Mechani here and Ursa Mater here.) Enjoy!


  1. I love both of these sculptures, especially Tara Mechani. Tara in Tibetan Buddhism represents an aspect of enlightenment. I used to have a beautiful poster of her. And the idea of bears made of pennies. Would like to see interviews of all of these sculptors, to hear what they had in mind. But maybe that would spoil it.

    • As I was looking at them I noticed other people doing the same. Our various reactions probably had a lot to do with our cultural backgrounds and I like to think that we all came away with something personal. What the artist intended may not be relevant!

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