More Public Art in San Jose

One of the many things I love about San Jose is the generous supply of public art. I have shared some before (here and here) and now I have some more recent finds.

Eastridge Shopping Mall

Heart of San Jose, Eastridge Shopping Mall

Eastridge Shopping Mall

Valley of Hearts’ Delight, Eastridge Shopping Mall

Heart of Silicon Valley, Eastridge Shopping Mall

Puddle Play, Guadalupe River Park

Puddle Play, Guadalupe River Park

Puddle Play, Guadalupe River Park

Vida Abundante, Santa Clara Street

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      • There are many cities around the world where wandering around with a camera would be foolhardy.
        I have another blogpal, Jim, and his daughter lives in Manchester and she has cautioned him about wandering around certain parts of the city. I used to live in the UK and I would agree with his kid on this score!
        I am talking specifically the proper city of Johannesburg. I don’t have that much problem in some other areas of greater Johannesburg.

          • I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe it is an over reaction, but if that fear is present, then my gut tells me it is there for a reason.
            I’ve been mugged before many years ago while I was still working in the centre of Johannesburg so this also undoubtedly colours my view.

            • Your comment reminded me of a time when I was about 18 in the late 1960s and went to live in Manchester to attend art college. Within the first few months of being there, I had two very frightening experiences of being sexually assaulted. They are etched in my memory. So, I know what you mean about “certain parts of Manchester”! I hope things have improved since then.

            • I wonder?
              My folks live in Chester and they are in their 80’s but still go to town and walk the dog with never an incident.
              I also have a few friends that still live there and they have never had any trouble so I guess it’s just a case of keeping your wits about you and picking the right place and right time.

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