Snowbird of Paradise 2017 Review


Thank you to all my regular readers and to everyone who has read even one of my blog posts. It means a lot to me to know that you have taken the time to read my thoughts.

Thank you, also, to everyone who has left a comment. I’m so glad you take the time to do that. This blog allows me to connect with people in a variety of different countries from the comfort of my living room, and you have made my world a much larger place.

Here are some of the statistics provided to me by WordPress:

Number of posts:  397

Number of followers:  420

Posts in 2017:  82

Views in 2017:  5,142

Visitors in 2017:  2,853  from 78 countries

Most popular posts and the number of views in 2017:

Homepage / Archives   1,169

Neighbours Having Sex  90

Some emotions are largely a waste of time  86

One thing leads to another in unexpected ways  73

There’s Frugal, Then There’s Absurd Frugal  67

At the Junction of Ignorance and Anger  63

Creating Order in the New World   63

How to Survive the Drive from Edmonton, Alberta to San Jose, California  62

Let There Be Light  61

Trying a New Hairdresser is Risky Business  60

The War on Terror is Over  58

(Note: Neighbours Having Sex is the most popular post every year. It’s because it has the word “sex” in the title.)

I try to write eight posts each month and since I managed to write 82 this year (83 with this one) I didn’t quite manage that.  On the other hand, just having that guideline gets me writing on days when I don’t think I have anything worth writing about.

Regular readers have stuck with me through home renovations, political frustrations, family challenges, and a road rage incident. I like knowing that you are with me in whatever I am going through, whether it is dull or daring, pedestrian or passionate.

I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts with you in 2018 and to reading more of your comments. I hope you all have a very happy new year.


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