Some Wooden Boxes and An Old Trunk

Here are some pictures of wooden boxes that caught my eye. The first one is of boxes that were put on display in a storefront in San Jose, but I’m not sure why. I think they were simply to fill up space, but they are interesting all the same. Perhaps they are there as historical artefacts.

Boxes in storefront window, San Jose

They might be, but I know some wooden boxes are still in use because the following photo was taken at a recent farmers’ market in Edmonton, and the boxes are very much a part of the ongoing effort to reuse rather than recycle whenever possible.

Boxes at Edmonton Farmers’ Market

This brought to mind a packing trunk that I bought on the Uxbridge Road in Hayes, Middlesex in England before I emigrated to Canada in 1975. It was a very big deal at the time; I thought it was both a very big box and very expensive. I used it to have my personal possessions shipped, and it arrived months after I did. By then, I didn’t really need most of its contents.

Well-used packing trunk

As you can see, the trunk has been used and abused over the years. I painted the yellow lines on it so as to make it slightly more attractive as a coffee table.  Since then it has been used as a worktop for various activities, including painting. My eldest son also used it as a packing case when he moved out of the family home, and he, too, used it as a coffee table. Ultimately, it just became a place to store unwanted electrical gadgets and clothes hangers, and it now sits in the garage.

When I originally had the trunk shipped, I carefully typed out its contents, and that list from 1975 is still intact inside the lid.

Inventory of Trunk March 1975

It’s interesting that I chose to ship 45 cassette tapes. That is probably an indication of how much they cost and/or how much the music meant to me. It is also clear that I didn’t know I would not be able to use the electric iron. Most significantly, though, it shows there was once I time when I could fit all my worldly goods into a single box. And, I have proof!


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