Beauty Behind the Bell Tower

While walking on 103rd Avenue in Edmonton, I came across a wonderful collection of murals on a cinderblock structure by the service entrance to the Bell Tower high rise office building. I don’t know what the structure is for, but it is large, rectangular, and has no windows or doors.  The murals are not signed, so I am unable to give credit to the artist.  The images, though, are well worth a visit. The first image shows the location, and the others shows details of the paintings on all four sides.

Behind Bell Tower, Edmonton
Behind Bell Tower, Edmonton


Update: The Property Manager, Valerie Sosnowski, has written to tell me that “The artists are Lacey Jane and Layla Folkmann (@laceyandlaylaart on instagram).  The City of Edmonton has guidelines that indicate garbage bins must be enclosed, the structure is a garbage enclosure.  The mural was funded by Joey Bell Tower.”

You can see more of their work at



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