Duelling Graffiti

Graffiti on Trailer
Graffiti on Trailer (Personal photo)



This made me laugh.

If it is a duel between local gangs, I’d say they are equally inept. Their spray-painted tags cancel each other out.  There seems to be as much red paint as black, which I think makes them even.

And, in case the taggers read this, I want to point out that simply putting an X through a word doesn’t remove the word from view. We can still see it!

Most significantly, though, as indications of territorial domination, these tags are completely futile because they are written on a movable trailer! Whoever owns this can just drive it to some other place, or even to another gang’s territory.

The graffiti sprayers each have access to spray paint, and they each want to lay claim to the side of a movable trailer, so I think the best case scenario would be to see if they can reach a mutually acceptable solution.  Perhaps they could agree to take one side of the trailer each.

Of course, the trailer’s owner might not agree and might demand a three-way negotiation. In that case, I doubt a mutually agreeable solution could be reached unless, of course, the taggers would agree to use white paint.

Yes, that would be best.





  1. A friend who knows a lot about murals and graffiti has told me some interesting background to crossing out and tagging movable objects. “There’s an interesting history to crossing out! I doubt these guys know. “Cap” was a famous writer who did this (we call them writers in our culture).

    Historically some graffiti writing took place in and on trains allowing writers to “get up” across neighbourhoods and even outside of them. So boxcars were also considered good places to write.”

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