1. This method would also feel creepy to me as they attempt to suggest 2 people have had an actual email exchange about your car. I aslo don’t care for the part that your car is practically sold.
    They have probably done their marketing research to think this works. Must be a different audience than you.

  2. Thats deplorable. Ut does not surprise me. After getting fake phone threats this tax season with generic “you will be going to jail if you don’t pick up” msgs I am SO over this stuff.

  3. Seems there is no end to the schemes advertisers come up with! It is my guess that that they have no idea of what the mileage is
    on your car. LOL!

      • Ha ha! You are probably right, Jane. But, funnily enough, even though I drive back and forth between Alberta and California every year, my mileage is still about the same as people who drive to and from work every day. Makes you think.

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