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Blogging Research Wordie
Blogging Research Wordie by Kristina B via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I have been nominated for four blogging awards in the past, and I am pleased and honoured to have been considered.  The process, however, requires a kind of chain-letter nomination of other bloggers, and this makes me a little uncomfortable.  In the spirit of recognizing great blogs, though, I do want to thank the people who nominated me in the past and to recommend their blogs.  They are:

Carmela Snelbaker who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award in August 2013.

Crazy With Love who nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award in September 2015. This blog is, unfortunately, not currently available.

Life as I Interpret It who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award in June 2016, and the Sunshine Blogger Award in April 2017.

I also want to list, in no particular order, some blogs that I enjoy and would like to recommend to my readers. All of them show that our selves and our lives cannot be reduced to just one category.

  1. Carmela Snelbaker a teacher, animal lover, and caregiver reflects on life from a Christian point of view.
  2. Life as I Interpret It a mix of real life pieces, imagination, and fiction/poetry. I find inspiration in many corners of this site, but I still can’t bake bread as well as she does!
  3. Tropical Affair  Beautiful photographs of nature with thoughtful accompanying words.
  4. Devise Create Concoct The story of an inspiring lifestyle change. The author is engaged in frugal living in order to pay off her mortgage more quickly, and she is sharing her experiences with us in words and images.
  5. A Tale Unfolds Pictures of insects, flowers, animals, and street life. I am most impressed by his amazing shots of rare and elusive wildlife on the wing.
  6. Sensible Nonsense  Thoughts from someone who loves to write and who is trying to get some perspective on everyday life.
  7. Witless Dating After Fifty  Learning to navigate online dating after age fifty, and trying to eat a healthier diet. Essays, poems, and wordplays.
  8. Tanya Cliff  Watch where you step in this blog! You may find you are shattering the glass of past bigotries. Beautifully written by a flutist, photographer, and advocate for human rights.
  9. IPLEDGEAFALLEGIANCE Common sense and nonsense about today’s public schools in America, from someone who really cares about the system.
  10. Neutrois Nonsense The story of one person’s gender transitioning plus some guest essays on gender. This is one of the blogs that has helped me in my learning about and understanding of the issues and the challenges.
  11. Malcolm’s Corner Discussions about wealth in the broadest sense of the word. Thoughtful and engaging writing about welfare and well-being.
  12. Sesquiotica If you like words you will love this blog. A language expert explores word usage, word origins, and word tasting.
  13. Thoughts of Life Warm thoughts about life and music from a Spanish blogger with a global world view.
  14. Things I Want to Tell My Mother A loving and bravely honest reflection on caring for a parent with Alzheimers.
  15. Awakening to Awareness Inspirational thoughts on making one’s life even more significant.

There are many, many more great blogs out there and I apologize if I have failed to include yours. There are 171 blogs in my reading list and, although some are more active than others, I am always happy to see what the writers are up to when a new post shows up on my blog feed.

I recommend blog-reading to all my family and friends. It provides informative, entertaining, and often insightful words and pictures from both novice and experienced writers and photographers. It also provides an entry to a community of bloggers who will welcome you with open arms.







  1. Anne, I’ve been away for a while and just saw this post now. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing my blog with others. This is a true honour and such a compliment coming from someone who’s writing I greatly admire. 🙂

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