Blondes in High Heels

2015-04-12 editLast week I volunteered at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival.  I know! It’s a hard life, but I cope. My role was to set up for some food demonstrations and to clean up during the food and wine tasting event. For that, I stood beside a table waiting for people to leave crumbs or glasses which I would rapidly whisk away. I was like that ghost maid everyone wishes they had.

Anyway, this event gave me lots of opportunity for people-watching, which is fast becoming my favourite sport. Among the people whom I watched were a surprisingly large number of blonde women with very long legs. Many of them were wearing very high heels, and I do mean very.  Maybe six-inches high.  Totally impractical, of course, for walking about in parking lot gravel and marquee tents. These women seemed to all be wearing either maxi skirts which draped the floor or micro-mini skirts which only just draped their bums. No skirt length in between. It’s all about the legs, you see.

To my eye they all seemed to be Paris Hilton look-alikes.  She might even have been one of them. I would not have known since they all looked so similar. This got me wondering if they all modelled themselves after Barbie dolls. If so, Barbie has even more to answer for than I already thought.

Some of the tall blondes were actually at work, walking around with trays of delicious berries, standing beside a shining Lexus, or pouring one-inch samples of wine. Others of them were in little groups of two or three, cruising the aisles with a designer purse on one arm, a glass of wine in one hand, and a food sample in the other.

Today, I saw an article which pointed out that a Google Image search for “CEO” has the surprising outcome of having Barbie as the first female result. And that picture is taken from the satirical magazine The Onion, which makes the sad commentary even sadder.

So, ladies, if you are tall and blonde you may have a tough time becoming a CEO, but you do have other possibilities. You can come to California and sell cars, berries, or wine. At the very least, you can go to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival and drink sparkling wine from morning to the wee small hours. Some of it is quite good, too. I know this because I tasted some of it.

Well, you didn”t think I worked the whole time, did you?


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