Depending On My Children
Yesterday I was very frustrated with my computer’s storage of photographs. I use them as my screen saver, but I was repeatedly seeing pictures presented sideways (even though I know I had turned them), pictures that had been deleted ages ago, and the covers to books I had bought for my e-reader. What I really want is a computer that knows which pictures I want to look at, but until that day I’m really glad I have computer-savvy kids. Jamie came to my rescue and walked me through the various settings I needed to adjust. That’s just one of the many ways I depend on my children.

I depend on my children to care about what happens to me. After all, if they don’t I’ll be in deep trouble when I’m old and senile. (I mean really old and really senile, not just kind of old and having a bad memory for names.)

I depend on my children to “get” me, and they do. I don’t just mean getting my jokes, although that is always a plus. I mean that they understand my values, interests, and motivations.

I depend on my children to remember the good times we had when they were children. I also depend on them to forget (or at least overlook) the bad times.

I depend on my children to tell me when I’m mistaken. I also depend on them to back up their opinions with good arguments or evidence, otherwise I’ll just go back to being right.

I depend on my children to be as creative as they can be. That’s what gives me bragging rights.

I depend on my children to tell me when they are in trouble. Generally speaking they don’t, but eventually I find out about whatever it is anyway. By then they’ve sorted out their own problems. That works for me.

I depend on my children to push some of society’s boundaries occasionally so that I am forced to reconsider things. They don’t disappoint.

I depend on my children to tell me when I’m making really bad life choices. They haven’t done that yet, which must mean that either I haven’t made any bad choices or they have decided to let me make my own mistakes. I wonder where they got that idea.

Yes, I am very dependent upon my children. Now, if only one of them would buy a pickup truck, I could depend on them to move large items of furniture, too!


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  1. Although some of your analogies may be tongue in cheek, it is amazing how much we rely upon our kids in different facets of our lives. That was certainly not something I counted upon when entering the world of parenthood. Come to think of it, there were a lot of things that I wasn’t counting on, but that’s what makes the ride so exciting 😉

    1. Yes, davecenker, it is definitely an interesting journey. We think, as parents, that we have some authority and control, but we soon reevaluate those notions! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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