The Perfect Ring
Engagement Ring
(This post is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty. It is a story in 50 words.)

He saved for months, secretly borrowed a dress ring to get the size, and excitedly waited for the engraving to be ready. The proposal was carefully planned, romantic, and successful. Then he realized that her mother wanted her to have a family heirloom, so he returned the perfect ring.


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      1. Argh. Thought it might be. I know heirlooms are incredibly valuable and historic but what gal wouldn’t want to start her own story with a perfect ring!? At least the groom had it in his heart to source a new design! (Just hope the heirloom was dazzling!).

    1. Mostly I think he was just saddened. He did speak to her mother some months before this and her advice was to not let anyone intrude on their marriage or marriage plans. I guess she didn’t consider herself to be included in that!

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