Dim Bulb

Dim Light Bulb
I know it’s not just me. You don’t think this ban on incandescent bulbs makes sense, do you? No, I didn’t think so. Like you, I want to preserve the planet, reduce, reuse, recycle and drive a Prius, but this bulb thing just does not compute.

As of January 1, Canadians can no longer buy incandescent bulbs. If you wanted to stock up, you missed your chance—unless, of course, you discovered the Habitat Restore where they still have lots. Your local hardware stores have been donating incandescent bulbs to them like crazy. Clearing their shelves.

As of January 1 you will only be able to buy fluorescent, compact fluorescent, LED, and halogen bulbs, all of which come with environmental disadvantages.

So, if we are not really saving the environment, why are we changing our light bulbs? I think it’s a public relations sleight of hand; kind of like making us focus on Julian Assange instead of Wikileaks. “Oh, boy, here’s a sexy story. Much more enticing than state secrets.”

We are being encouraged to feel noble because we are changing our light bulbs, so we forget to focus on the gas-guzzlers we are driving.

Oh, and by the way, please don’t put those fluorescent bulbs in the trash. They are full of mercury. Thanks.


Image source: http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/ges-1-billion-gamble-on-the-light-bulb-and-appliances.html/?a=viewall


  1. there has also been some health concerns with users of these bulbs and documentaries to bring such to public awareness,,, Habitat, here I come…!

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