1. I am conflicted… I was bored one evening & checked up on a guy that I had recently stopped dating. I found out he had never gotten divorced AND had done time for dealing drugs. Wish I’d known that earlier.

    • I think that it makes sense to find out what you can when it looks as though the relationship is ongoing. When you haven’t even met, though, it seems inappropriate to me. At the very least, I would ask someone if it’s ok to do a Google search.

      • I hear you, but I wouldn’t have wasted my time on this man had I known these things about him. I haven;t gotten into the habit of googling a man before meeting, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t do it moving forward.

  2. What would happen if they said “no” to the request? Just curious…I have no opinion on this since it isn’t really relative to me right now. But thinking it through, if I were hiring someone, I’d probably do a search…I think. (I didn’t do it when I had my business, but I’m guessing I would now) And if I met someone on the internet…I think I’d do it too. Especially since my nature is to totally trust and believe pretty much everyone. I think I’d use that as a safety net for myself, but if I asked and he said no….I think I’d be stuck….I guess it would have to mean goodbye Charlie. Yes?

    • I seem to be swimming against the tide on this topic! I know that businesses now routinely do internet searches on candidates, but that is pretty much mutually expected.

      What bothered me about a stranger reading G’s obituary was that it was not information I would share with someone I didn’t know. It’s not a secret, but it’s not a topic I would choose to discuss right away either.

      If I asked someone if I could do a search and they said “no,” then that would tell me they had something to hide. So, yes, it would mean goodbye Charlie. I wouldn’t say “no,” to someone who asked, but I do think it would be polite of them to let me know.

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