When the Help page is no help


I signed on again with Match.com. I know, I know. I’ve said “never again” several times already, so I’m pretty much a lost cause, but I’m a slow learner.

As before, I signed on with the most practical/affordable option, and I’m on the hook for a three month subscription. It’s fair enough, given the alternatives, and it’s a bargain if I actually find a partner. The thing is, I thought I was re-signing with the Canadian branch at Match.ca. It turns out, though, that they recognize my laptop computer and know that I previously signed on from California. Consequently, they gave me the profile I used there, even though I am now in Alberta.

That’s fair enough. I’m ok with that, except that there is one sentence in my profile that says I have applied for a US green card.  This is unlikely to endear me to Canadian lonely hearts, so I thought it best to delete that sentence while I am in Canada. The trouble is, I can’t. I have tried multiple times to edit the “About Me” text box, with no luck.

When I visited the Help page, they told me to delete cookies and empty the cache, so I did that. They told me log off and log in again, so I did that.  I have purged my computer of every possible hindrance to text editing to no avail.

So, I have hidden my profile.  The dozen or so men who have viewed my profile so far have not contacted me, and now perhaps they never will.

After trying to follow the advice on the Help page with no success, I called the number they provide. It was one of those horrible phone menu processes that is designed to eliminate all but the most determined callers, but I waited them out. I was eventually able to talk to a real human. She was nice enough, but informed me that she would have to pass on my concern to some technical people.

I was satisfied with that response until today when I got an email telling that they didn’t have time to respond to everyone and I should go to the Help page!  Foolishly, I replied to that, explaining my efforts. This resulted in another email telling me that I had sent an email to an unmonitored address.  Can you imagine my frustration? No, you can’t. You really can’t.

Whatever frustration I may have felt as a single woman is nothing compared to the frustration of trying to get help from a dating site. 

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  1. Update: Thanks to a suggestion from a reader, I was able to solve my problem by switching to a different web browser. Now I’m wondering why they don’t suggest that on the Help page!

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