A lovely little satisfaction

Button Box
Button Box

I have a favourite turquoise shirt that had lost two of its buttons, and I had, of course, lost the little plastic bag of spare buttons that came with the shirt when it was new.  I looked for them in the junk drawer where I keep little plastic bags of buttons, and I looked in my button box, but no luck.

I checked out the miscellany section at the grocery store, but they only had white buttons. Then, while I was in the craft store, I looked at their collection of buttons. They had lots of cutesy girly buttons, and some fun children’s buttons, but no practical turquoise buttons. So, then I went to the nearby fabric store and they had more buttons. Unfortunately, they only had one card of large turquoise buttons, in not quite the right shade.

Today, though, I hit the jackpot. I did a Google search and found, half an hour’s drive away, a lovely big bright store devoted to sewing. They not only had turquoise buttons, but they had them in a variety of sizes and shades. Of course, I couldn’t leave the store without buying lots of other things, so the $1.40 card of buttons ended up costing $38! At that point, though, I think I might have paid $38 just for the buttons.

On reflection, I am a little saddened that it was so difficult to do something so simple. I understand why people don’t sew as often as they once did, and I realize that it’s easier to buy new clothes than fix up the old ones, but there is a lovely little satisfaction that comes along with small simple projects. I hope I never lose that.



– Daily Prompt


    • Exactly. Like ironing, and polishing shoes. But, then again, I don’t do any ironing any more and I only rarely polish shoes!

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