“What do you use under your eyes?”

Eye Bags
I was asked this question four times as I walked through a shopping mall today.

I walked past many booths on my way from one end to the other and back again. Two of the booths were selling beauty products derived somehow from the Dead Sea.  This does not impress me as a selling feature.

Each time I passed these booths I was accosted by young women wearing bright red lipstick who looked at my eyes as if they had seen something green and slimy underneath them.

I thought:

Oh! A woman wearing bright red lipstick is standing in my way!

She is looking at my eyes … she looks disgusted …

I don’t know how to answer her question.

The Dead Sea? Really?

No, I don’t want a free sample.

Damn.  I have enormous unattractive bags under my eyes.

It must be true. I’ve had the same conversation about them four times in the space of an hour.

Some marketing plans probably look better on paper than they do in the mall.


  1. I once had a chat with a cosmetic lady in one of those big mall stores. I was just killing time while my friend was looking at lipsticks. “Try our skin protection serum for free,” she said. “You put it on in the morning and it protects your skin from all the environmental toxins that age you.” I dutifully put the smelly stuff on my skin. “Only $60.00 an ounce!” She seemed pleased by this. I made polite murmurings that I’d consider it, with no intention of doing so. Having been encouraged, she continued “And we also have a night repair cream for only $125.00 an ounce! You have to get that as well. They work together.” I thought about it for a minute and then responded…quite logically, I thought. “But, if your day protection serum works, why would I have need for a repair cream?” She got flustered. My friend got embarrassed. I got away without spending a dime!

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