About Me

My name is Anne Price and I am a retired college instructor. I spend half my life in Edmonton, Alberta which is where my adult children live. The other half of my life is spent in San Jose, California where one of my sisters and her extended family live. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and like to sometimes visit my family there.

This blog started out as a means for me to practice writing with a view to writing a book. The book has not materialized, but I am thoroughly enjoying writing here every few days. I write about things I see, things I think, and things that I think are funny.

It is gratifying when I get feedback, and I enjoy reading your thoughts in the comments sections. Thank you for stopping by.


23rd April 2015




  1. Thank you, Anne, for inviting me to read your blog. I love your writing style and your ability to see the humor in your experiences. I wish you all the best and am hoping you will come up with ideas for my retirement – just a few more years away.

  2. Anne, it was your Gravatar that first caught my eye. I had a glorious Bird of Paradise when I lived in SoCal and I still miss it, ten years later. Anyway, it brought me to your site and I’ve taken a quick tour. Will be back to scroll some more. Look forward to following….

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