Today I’m facing a bright future. I’m a 60-year-old single woman who is ready for new challenges. I’m thinking about retirement and currently spending some time in California so that I can enjoy the company of one of my sisters and her family while avoiding the Alberta winter. A snowbird leaves Canada in the winter and returns in the spring, and people who do the same are also called snowbirds. Because I just planted a Bird of Paradise shrub in a pot and put it out on my patio in California, I have combined the two “birds” in the title of this blog.

I am a teacher, a volunteer, a walker, and a would-be writer. I have taken on a huge writing task with which I know I need help. One category of this blog is dedicated to explaining that and to receiving your input.Another category explores the joys and trials of online dating. I think you will enjoy reading some of my thoughts about the people and the process.A third category is a catch-all of thoughts and experiences which seem to me to be of some significance. They will include my attempts to draw, paint, learn Spanish, sing, and find my way around an unfamiliar city.

Thank you for reading my blog and for adding your comments.

21 February 2010

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    • Hi Jim, Yes, yours is the first comment on the Welcome page! I think you’ll get a chuckle out of the Dating page, too. I’m in San Jose, and it has been raining.

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