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Fist Bump

Someone punched a dent in my metal front door.  They did it before I moved in, and I didn’t think much about it until today. I had just assumed that someone moving furniture in or out had accidentally bumped into the door.  Today, though, the light fell on […]

Dec 07e c

A Spirited Discussion

People talk about the human spirit all the time as though we all know what the spirit is and what the word means, but no one actually defines it in any useful way. The dictionary makes attempts, and has thirty-one different takes on it, but they all boil down […]

Ladies Only Glow

My mother had an adage for every occasion. If it was a very hot day she would say, “Horses sweat and men perspire, but ladies only glow.” The implication was that men were more civilized than horses and women were more delicate than both, or at least less […]


Nothing prepares us for long illnesses or for dying. All the skills and strengths we have built up are stripped away, and we are left without most of the things that brought us fulfilment and pride. Instead, we are dependent upon others, and we wish it wasn’t so. […]


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