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Snowbird of Paradise

An Albertan who spends winters in California.

A Gift From The Dog God

The other day, outside behind the garden shed, next to the garage, I found a black plastic bag tied in a knot.  It contained something heavy-ish and lumpy, containers of some sort, maybe paint, maybe oil. Anyway, it looked like trash so I put it next to the trash […]

What’s That Sound?

When the house is quiet, I hear sounds that I don’t recognize and cannot place. There are clicks and whirrs from appliances, creaks from wood expanding and contracting, and various other sounds that bother me. It is disconcerting when the fridge sounds as though water is dripping, even […]


I used to be married to man. Not just any man. A tall man. Very tall. He did tall-person things like reaching in to the top shelves of the kitchen cupboards. He also changed lightbulbs and pruned trees. In fact, for thirty-odd years I never had to do […]



Sometimes I see something on my Facebook page and think “How is it possible that you are my friend?” How could someone in my social and family circle say something, or repost something, that is so diametrically opposed to my own way of thinking? Occasionally, I see something […]


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